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Our aim is to provide quality services and consultancy to clients to deliver efficient, safe and purpose specific engineering services. We are able to provide accredited Project Management expertise and offering electrical, mechanical, civil design and construction services. We offer accredited, professional engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil) services in the areas of: Residential, commercial and industrial estates, including Public institutions.


Our main activity is project management. We undertake a full turnkey (Design, Arrange Financing and Construction) of all the projects that we Management.


Project-specific execution plans ensure critical components of the project are incorporated into the overall construction plan. These project execution plans include detailed site logistic plans, safety, and quality implementations, budget approval, secured permits, and final project notice to proceed.


Design and construction alternatives are examined upfront to enhance the performance of the project while providing opportunities for cost savings right from the early design that carry into construction, operation, and maintenance.


On-time substantiated cost estimates and price certainty are delivered based on construction knowledge, market conditions, project management, and risk analysis experience. CMG offers financing to construction project on private partnership model.


We carry out a range of construction services including but not limited to multi-story homes and buildings, schools, clinics, hospitals, office parks, malls, warehousing, housing complex, markets stalls, parking lots, shades and more. Our expedited project management system enables us to to Bush clearing land preparation for any project we undertake where such works are required.

Types of Projects
Image by Ярослав Алексеенко
Modern Office Building

Realistic, in-depth design and construction schedules can be tailored to meet any need. During project scheduling, we analyze early permitting opportunities, design reviews and approvals, constructability challenges, and budget.

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